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Who We Are

Company Profile

Founded by a group of vibrant and people oriented entrepreneurs, Maximum 88 Corporation endeavors to join the ranks of major players in the Network Marketing Industry. Our founders believe they can make an impact and do more as entrepreneurs of network marketing by providing world class superior products, and opening a generous business opportunity that rewards and recognizes hard working individuals. Their desire to offer the highest possible pay out in the industry, specifically for distributors through health optimization, led to the birth of Maximum 88 Corporation.

We put high value in LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, FOCUS, and EXCELLENCE. As a testament to that, we are blessed with leaders and entrepreneurs positioned at the driver’s seat of the company way before we even launched. Combining the immovable commitment of both management and distributor leaders, we are on our way to create history as we work each and every day to help thousands of people live better lives.



Mark Anthony Dapiton

VP and CMO

Dr. Patricio Emmanuel Jugueta

President and CEO

Willis Chavez

Co-Founder and CTO


To add unending value in terms of access to our amazing M88 products globally, and improving the physical well being, holistic health, financial success of both our consumers and distribution partners. In the process, we gradually make our way to becoming a global leader in the Network Marketing Industry.


It is our mission to bring only the best products at the most reasonable prices to our consumers. In doing so Maximum 88 Corporation aims to:

Create a business model that empowers distributors to turn their dreams into reality.

Gain the best reputation for providing the highest quality of
world class merchandise.

Be known for service excellence that satisfies the needs and wants of our consumers across the globe.

Build a people centered organization that puts equal value on human resources and business growth.

Main Office



We are always on the lookout for people who have the courage to shape a better future. It is our duty as a responsible organization to develop future leaders by investing in their training and setting exemplary leadership standards.


We are honest, open, ethical, and fair in our business practices. We safeguard your trust by adhering to our words and delivering our commitments. As a company, we want to make sure that we are making the right decisions not just for the organization but for our distributors and consumers as well.


We are focused when setting our goals and establishing strategies, using our vision as a basis at all times. We are committed to provide quality products and we want to be at the forefront of cutting edge and forward thinking solutions that will benefit our organization, distributors, consumers, and the public.


We do our best to achieve excellence in our products and our way of doing business. As such we exert effort in finding the best people and recognizing great talents. We challenge everyone in our organization to continuously strive for excellence by promoting their personal and professional development.


Mark Anthony DapitonVice President / CMO



Dr. Patricio Emmanuel JuguetaPresident and CEO



William ChavezChief Technology Officer